Who We Are

Nestled along the Portage Shipping Canal in Houghton, Roy’s Pasties and Bakery serves oven-fresh pasties, baked goods, and delicious lunch items that are made from scratch every morning. To ensure each customer’s experience is full of delight, we strive to serve high-quality products, provide gracious service, and create a warm atmosphere every day. 

We love serving our local residents and visitors to the Keweenaw throughout the year, and know we wouldn’t be here without them. That’s why Roy’s has a strong commitment to giving back to our community. We support several non-profit organizations throughout the Keweenaw by providing weekly donations to help their efforts.

As a community-oriented bakery and pasty shop that has a true passion for creating delicious food, we look forward to providing a fantastic experience for you.

a man holding dough above a cutting board with a rolling pin 

History and Location

In 2001, Roy Narhi moved back to Houghton from Minneapolis to open a family bakery with his father Sheldon. The original bakery, named Sheldon’s Bakery, began business in a small shop on Sharon Avenue in Houghton.

The bakery quickly became popular among local residents, with products often selling out by mid-day. Sheldon retired in 2005 and Roy renamed the business “Roy’s Pasties and Bakery”. Roy couldn’t keep up with production and knew a larger location would be necessary to remain profitable.

Roy Narhi and Trisia Kappler met in 2009 and a new chapter of the business began. Together, they worked on continued product development, trimming the cost of the goods sold, revamping labor numbers, and seeking a new home for the business.

During the search for a new location, they found a dilapidated building on the Houghton Waterfront and decided to rebuild. All local architects, engineers, and contractors were utilized to complete construction. If the project was to be successful, it would be due to the support of local residents. The blighted structure was torn down and in its place rose a new, two-story, 6,600 square foot facility on the lakeshore.

With the opening of the new facility in 2013, a large oven rack system increased the production capacity while the customer seating expanded dramatically, featuring a wonderful outdoor patio seating area right next to the Portage Canal. Roy’s menu also grew with more sandwiches, coffee selections, homemade chips, and pastry items.

Roy and Trisia Narhi held their wedding reception at the new Roy's location on December 14, 2013 to complete the project both personally and professionally.