Roy's award-winning pasties

(V) = Vegetarian

Traditional Pasty

A delicious blend of beef, pork, rutabaga, potato, onion and carrot, seasoned to perfection and nestled in a golden crust. Small 12-ounce pasties or large 16-ounce pasties available every day. Mini-pasties are available by special order.

Turkey Cranberry Pasty

An award winning non-traditional pasty filled with delicious roasted turkey, potatoes, savory gravy, dressing and cranberries! Crafted to satisfy taste buds everywhere! 12-ounce pasty.

Breakfast Danish

Danish dough, eggs, cheese, red and green peppers, onion and ham makes this the perfect start to your day.

Bacon Cheeseburger------Made Wednesday and Thursday!

Our variety will capture the imagination of those who love their cheeseburgers! Made in our famous crust with ground Angus beef, our burger comes with cheddar cheese, potato and onion with a generous helping of bacon. We serve it with dill relish and yellow mustard on the side. Enjoy! 12-ounce pasty.

Pasty with a Kick!-------Made Tuesday and Wednesday!

Our new take on the traditional pasty for those who like a little heat. Our traditional pasty, made without the rutabaga, add in some jalapenos and hot sauce, and you've got a pasty with zest. Rated mild on hotness scale. 12-ounce pasty.

Chicken & Broccoli Pasty

Chicken, broccoli, potatoes, onion, carrots and cheese mixed with our exclusive blend of seasonings all wrapped up in a flaky crust. This 12-ounce pasty packs the famous Roy's flavor!

Breakfast Pasty

The most important pasty of the day! Our crisp golden pasty crust is wrapped around eggs, breakfast sausage, potato, cheese, onion and the best seasoning on this side of the universe! 10-ounce pasty.

Vegetarian Pasty (V)

Not a fan of meat? This is the perfect answer for veggie lovers. Packed with potatoes, rutabaga, carrots and onion. Baked to perfection in Roy's signature crust and packed with mouth-watering flavor! 16-ounce pasty.

Pizza Pasty------Made Wednesday and Friday!

Pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, potatoes, onions and pizza sauce in a delicious crust packed with all the sensational pizza flavor your heart desires! 16-ounce pasty.

Vegan Pasties - Pre-Order Only

Our Vegan Pasty is the same as our delicious vegetarian pasty, but without eggwash. You can pre-order either one and they'll be ready within 24 hours!